| 2013 Striker Offshore Tournament
Overall Boat Award
RankTeamSpecies CountTotal Points
1 Team Marine Specialties2270
2 Atlantic Marine2170
3 Tegemareeb1100
4 Sea Genie165
5 Pub 44 Fishing Team155
6 Stroke N Poke150
7 Boston Whaler145
The Overall Boat Award standings are calculated according to the assigned point structure of each fish category. A team can win all four places within a fish category but only the team’s best two placements within a fish category on the final board will count towards the Overall Boat Awards.
Fish category assigned points structure for Overall Boat Award:
WAHOO: 1st = 135pts, 2nd = 75pts, 3rd = 65pts, 4th = 55pts
DOLPHIN: 1st = 100pts, 2nd = 55pts, 3rd = 50pts, 4th = 45pts
TUNA: 1st = 80pts, 2nd = 50pts, 3rd = 45pts, 4th = 40pts
KING: 1st = 40pts, 2nd = 30pts, 3rd = 25pts, 4th = 20pts
Catch Stats
Team Count 35
Angler Count 187
Dolphin Count 71
Kingfish Count 8
Tuna Count 1
Wahoo Count 4
Overall Fish Log
Image   The BeastMatthew RyanDolphin26.20 lbs5.24.14 06:39:20
  The BeastJamie WintersDolphin19.30 lbs5.24.14 06:38:48
  Team Marine SpecialtiesKelly ParksDolphin16.40 lbs5.24.14 06:38:26
  Team Marine SpecialtiesShilo SikorskiDolphin19.60 lbs5.24.14 06:37:48
  Atlantic MarineBrad WilesWahoo24.20 lbs5.24.14 06:22:31
Image   Atlantic MarineBrad WilesDolphin15.60 lbs5.24.14 06:22:05
  Atlantic MarineBrad WilesWahoo41.00 lbs5.24.14 06:21:42
Image   HaywireMatt LuttermuserDolphin26.90 lbs5.24.14 06:01:40
Image   All-InKyle DayDolphin16.50 lbs5.24.14 06:01:24
  All-InEric Seidelman Jr.Dolphin18.60 lbs5.24.14 05:55:44
Largest Dolphin
1 Tegemareeb50.00 lbs
2 Pub 44 Fishing Team46.50 lbs
3 Stroke N Poke46.10 lbs
4 Boston Whaler43.40 lbs
5 Boston Whaler39.20 lbs
*Dolphin Fish Category - Standings based on weight
Largest Kingfish
1 Sea Genie28.50 lbs
2 Atlantic Marine25.30 lbs
3 Sea Genie24.30 lbs
4 Sea Genie21.80 lbs
5 Sea Genie20.90 lbs
*Kingfish Fish Category - Standings based on weight
Largest Tuna
1 Team Marine Specialties17.70 lbs
*Tuna Fish Category - Standings based on weight
Largest Wahoo
1 Team Marine Specialties44.90 lbs
2 Atlantic Marine41.00 lbs
3 Atlantic Marine24.20 lbs
4 Team Marine Specialties18.60 lbs
*Whaoo Fish Category - Standings based on weight
Top Female Angler
1 Samantha CoppolaStroke N Poke46.10 lbs
2 Kimberly MachnikMarine Max29.40 lbs
3 Dana TaylorEdgewater Power Boats23.40 lbs
4 Kimberly SmithDTM21.00 lbs
5 Debbie BoeyenMarine Max19.90 lbs
Top Junior Angler
1 Matthew RyanThe Beast26.20 lbs
2 Eric Seidelman Jr.All-In23.30 lbs
3 Caden SikorskiTeam Marine Specialties22.40 lbs
4 Connor SikorskiTeam Marine Specialties18.60 lbs
Overall Points Winner
RankTeamSpecies CountTotal Points
1 Team Marine Specialties2290
2 Tegemareeb1100
3 Sea Genie170
4 Tighten Up155
5 Marine Max150
*Optional Category